L'Orangerie Restaurant: The new Chef , Juan Jiménez renews its menus

After Juan Jiménez   joined us as hotel Chef, our  L’Orängerie  restaurant renews its menu.

The new menu is self defined  by  the Chef  as “Honest , close and fresh. Honest means respectful with the product. Close because is based  in catalan tradition. Fresh because is  seasonal”

Juan loves rice, that is why he has included a Rice from the Ebro river delta, sea urchin, prawn, confit pork jowls and sweetbread surf andTurf.  Based in Tradition he offers us a Old style cooked oxtail stuffed with foie gras with celery cream, sweetened carrot and

pitted pork tail..

For sweet lovers , our chef offers a special dessert menu  “Sweet moments”,  a reviewed  taste of traditional sweets in a way  that no one will remain indifferent. Just as an example  the new version of the classic “Chocolate Passion”  where we are invited to discover chocolate origins, with its textures, flavors and sensations.

If you prefer  lighter meals , our new  “Café 1925”, offers a selection of special spring and summer dishes, to be enjoyed by the Hotel pool. 


Restaurant Menu